Welcome to the official website of Evan Horsley. 

Who is Evan Horsley?

Evan Horsley is a fifteen year old with a passion for technology, broadcasting, and programming. Evan loves cinematography and finding the coolest places to mount his GoPro. 

What does Evan Horsley do?

Evan Horsley works as a volunteer for a cable access channel called Norwood Community Television. Evan also does graphics design, PC building, and video editing. Evan loves developing applications for the Windows OS. Evan knows computer programming languages such as HTML5, VB.Net, C#, and Java. In his free time, Evan usually likes to tinker with electronics, design logos, and program apps. Evan is currently a full time student at Norwood High School. 

The future of Evan Horsley?

When Evan is out of high school, he plans on attending M.I.T. and Stanford University. Currently, Evan has his mind set on majoring in computer sciences and software development, however with his experience in movie making, as well as his passion for roller coasters, he might choose a different major.